How to Get More Likes on Instagram in 2023

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Likes on Instagram posts are one of the engagement metrics that are vitally essential for the success of your brand on the platform. From reaching more profiles to growing your account’s followers, getting more Instagram likes can help you hit your marketing goals.

Likes and other engagement signals are the fastest way to gauge your content marketing strategies and pivot if it’s working or otherwise.

Instagram is the third largest social app leading global social commerce. With 35% of Instagrammers saying they will continue to use the app for making purchases in 2023, buying on the app is only going to rise in the future.

The real question is this: How to get more likes on your Instagram posts and videos when you are not a global celebrity or statesman?

We’ve done the research and have explored 7 actionable tips below, to trigger your Instagram growth by attracting more likes.

Let’s dive in.

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Craft a Smart Hashtag Strategy

Win the Game with Compelling Captions

Reels is the new King

Run Giveaway Contests

Inspire UGC to Spark Engagement

Share Behind-the-scenes Content

Publish on Prime Hours

Final Words


Craft a Smart Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are pivotal in making your Instagram posts discoverable and reaching the right audience. They define the context of a post or video and help the algorithms show your content to the people most likely to be interested in them.

Success on Instagram is not about publishing random posts on your profile and hoping some of them get the attention of your audience. It’s more about carefully creating a hashtag strategy to reach the right people with the engaging content that they love to engage with and share with their friends.

This post from Indochino helps users find it while searching for wedding content or posts related to Black Friday. To boost your results with the hashtag strategy, you can buy Instagram likes and drive results faster.

Win the Insta Game with Compelling Captions

Social media marketing is changing at a much faster pace than many marketers anticipated a few years back. Users aren’t interested to see vague marketing messages and salesy videos anymore. The only way to get their attention is by curating personalized messages that speak directly to them.

Instagram allows 2200 characters under every post to be used to describe the post, share interesting stories, and use call-to-action prompts.

Social media marketing is less about self-praising and more about sharing personal-life events and stories. You can see Cristiano Ronaldo (580 M followers), Lionel Messi (473 M Followers), and other popular Instagram accounts sharing their personal and family pictures. These posts attract millions of likes and bring in more followers as well. Interestingly, these celebrities know the importance of captions, and so they never fail to amaze their followers with engaging and compelling captions.

Are you looking to skyrocket your Instagram growth in a short time? Followerscart can help you hit your goals in the fastest time possible without breaking the bank.

Reels is the new King

Reels are surely the most popular content format on Instagram right now. With the phenomenal success of TikTok’s vertical short-form videos, leading social platforms, Instagram included, have been compelled to introduce their short video versions.

A recent Statista study revealed surprising figures with Reels outpacing other Instagram posts massively in terms of their reach.

This tells you that publishing more reels with humor, wit, and information is a faster way to attract more likes and followers.

Run Giveaway Contests 

Do you know what’s universally common in humans? They love free stuff. Giveaway contests are probably the best candidate for giving free products to pull in an insane number of likes.

Instagram contests usually include liking the post, tagging a friend in the comments, and following the account. This generates a lot of engagement on the post and it reaches a wider audience beyond your followers.

Beautycounter does a great job with the contests and smartly uses the strategy to attract likes, comments, and followers to their profiles.

Inspire UGC to Spark Engagement

What if you can attract more likes while building a brand reputation at the same time? Brands effectively do this by encouraging their customers to post pictures and videos of the brand’s products and tagging the brand profile in captions.

This channels a lot of new users as well as inspires the brand’s existing followers to check out the posts and join the conversation. UGC or user-generated content provides extremely valuable social proof that builds trust with the brand.

Airbnb does a fantastic job of inspiring its customers to post pictures and videos of their favorite destinations and spaces. A major portion of the content on their Instagram is curated with UGC which inspires more users to use their services and explore the world.

Share Behind-the-scenes Content

Instagram is not about only posting photoshopped photos or professionally made-up videos – sharing raw footage and behind-the-scenes posts process goes into connecting your audience with the brand.

This handmade local jewelry designer showed off her process that produces articles her audience loves. Her audience gets to see all the hard work and dedication that goes into her jewelry creation phase.

Publish on Prime Hours

It’s a great turn-off for an Instagram account if their posts and videos don’t get enough views, let alone likes or shares. Nothing hurts a business more than wasted time and human resources.

You can avoid that pitfall by ensuring your posts and videos are published at times your audience is most active. This will get more eyeballs to your content, bringing in more likes, and growing its reach further.

Instagram Analytics is your best friend to find out the prime times you should be posting to massively increase the views and engagement on your posts.

Final Words

Instagram is rapidly catching the attention of brands, businesses, and content creators to market and grow their brands. While the competition is only going to rise, the opportunities are endless, as well. If you follow the tips covered here, you will stand a great chance of growing your account with more likes, shares, and followers.




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