What is the Best Periods Tracking App for 2022?

periods tracking apps

Generally, periods occur once a month, but some features associated with it are not always consistent.  For instance, the flow rate, exact timing, and accompanying symptoms vary from one month to another.  Tracking your period has become easier because of technology.  There are multiple periods tracking apps on the internet because reproductive health is a vital part of your life as a woman.  The majority of these applications are interactive, and a woman can track literally everything linked to periods.

The majority of women experience bleeding after every 28 days.  However, the menstrual cycle may at times becomes shorter (21 days) or longer (32-40 days).  Further, the length of your period may range from 3 to 8 days.  Also, some women lose 2-3 tablespoons of blood while others lose a lot more or even less.

With this basic information, let’s examine the best period tracking apps, including their key features and benefits.

Period Tracking Apps Explained

Developers have designed resources to enable women with smart devices to collect data related to their menstrual cycle.  The data includes the date the period starts and ends, flow rate, and period symptoms.  The goal is to observe each cycle and identify any changes that may signal a potential health issue.  Indeed these apps help monitor your body and health.

Further, these apps predict when you are likely to have your next period, be ovulating or fertile.  The information creates fertility awareness for women trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy.  In older days, women marked these dates on a physical calendar.  However, the method didn’t accurately highlight irregularities.

There are different types of period tracking apps.  There are those that are free, while some require an ongoing subscription or a one-off payment.  The good news is that a few of them offer a free trial period that you can use to determine whether the app meets your needs.

Best Period Tracking Apps

Period tracking app is a necessary utility that helps them monitor their health and well-being.  A woman logs when their period begins and ends.  You can add extra information like any changes in physical conditions regarding your periods, changes in mood, etc.  After that, the app analyses the data and provides predictions of your periods.

You can use the data to make decisions about contraception, lifestyle, and dietary changes.  Therefore period tracking apps help you monitor everything and make necessary adjustments.

The following are the best periods tracking apps for 2022 and beyond.

FLO: The period and ovulation tracker is popular among women because it’s regarded as one of the most comprehensive apps.  The artificial intelligence-powered app provides period and ovulation predictions, detects trends within a woman’s menstrual cycle and is helpful for those trying to conceive.  The free version has limited features and is valid for 31 days, but the premium version offers advanced features, including daily health tips, alerts for late periods, a pregnancy tracker, a support network, and additional content.  A woman can handle all aspects of their life, including birth control, pregnancy life, and much more, using FLO.

MyFlo: The period-tracking app has a paid version priced at $1.99 per week.  MyFlo helps you track your flow rate, symptoms, and much more.  The month view provides you with graphics showing your ovulation day, menstrual cycle, and fertile window.  You use the app to sync your data across your devices and share it online with your buddies or doctor.  Further, you can use MyFlo to track events like medication, breastfeeding, and intercourse.  Your partner can also use MyFlo, but it must be separate from yours.

CLUE: The period tracker monitors anything from when the time the blood begins flowing to ovulation to the next periods, fertility, and heart rate.  App has a user interface that is extremely simple and with a beautiful design.  The app has a free version with ads and limited features, while the pro version starts at $5.99 and has plenty of features and no ads.  The fertility window tracker app lets you track basal body temperature, ovulation, and cervical mucus.  The iPhone health app allows you to record your mood and symptoms like period cramps, headaches, fatigue, etc.  The app is perfect for women with irregular periods.

My Calendar: Women who wish to keep track of their menstrual cycle can use My Calendar.  The app has a free version and in-app purchases at $3.99.  You can download it on App Store and Google Play Store.  It allows you to create new calendars and provides all vital information on the home screen; therefore, you don’t need to scroll to find extra details.  You can track the status of your period, i.e., whether regular or irregular, menstrual flow, sexual activity, moods, temperature, weight, medication, and other symptoms.  The app is extremely customizable and has discrete reminders; however, you can’t log physical activities or track pregnancy.

Ovia Fertility: The fertility app is popular among pregnant women across the world.  Others can also use it to track their periods and ovulation cycles.  The app refers to your menstrual history data, menstrual cycles, and basal body temperatures to predict future period dates, ovulation, and fertile window.  The app gives you personalized tips to help you stay healthy during your pregnancy.  You can also subscribe to its premium period cycle tracking app for advanced features.

Eve by Glow: The app provides a single space where women can track their period, basal body temperature, ovulation, and symptoms.  Its customized insights enable women to understand their bodies measure their undergoing fertility treatments schedule, and track their mood, sexual activity, sex life, PMS symptoms, virginal discharge, and cervical mucus.  The app has inbuilt reminders for monitoring your weight, energy levels, medicines, sleep patterns, etc.  You will also get a monthly health report to help you understand your menstrual cycle properly.

Spot On: The period tracker enables women to track their periods, ovulation, fertility, weight changes, contraception, BBT, and much more.  It has charts that allow you to record data continuously and share them with others on social media and email.  Spot On can also help you track your periods, including the baby’s kicks and growth, using weekly belly updates, photos, and notes.  Additionally, you can use the app to track sexual activities and the quality of your sleep.

Glow Fertility: The fertility app integrates seamlessly with other apps, which enables women to select the perfect app to record their input data.  The insight in this app is valuable and can help you understand your body much better.  Glow is only available online, so you need an account to access it.  The Glow pro version is priced at $15.99, and a woman can use it to predict their future periods date, ovulation, and fertility.  Further, a woman can use the app to schedule an appointment with their doctor.  One of its reminders is when the next menstruation is due.

Period Tracker Lite: The period-tracking app provides helpful insights that the majority of the apps don’t have but are beneficial for women.  The app has an ovulation calculator, menstrual cycle calendar, fertility monitor, etc.  You record important information every day and even set daily reminders for that.  The premium version starts at $1.99 per week and has advanced features, plenty of notifications regarding your physical conditions, in-depth sights, and multiple account support.

Mysyster: A woman can track their periods using this menstrual cycle tracker.  The app provides the expected date of the next period, ovulation, body temperature, etc.  Mysyster provides accurate information about your safe days to help you avoid pregnancy.  The data can help you discover any problems with your menstrual cycle.  The app is perfect for women experiencing irregular periods and Perimenopause.  It provides personalized content for each woman using the app.


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