Facebook Reels: How to Use Them to Grow Your Business

Facebook Reels

Countless social media strategies are emerging every day. Recently Meta (the parent company for Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp) introduced reels, a feature similar to TikTok. The aim is to help brands dominate social media by reaching the target demographic.

Indeed video content and video marketing are perfect ways to grow your business online. The tap-friendly nature of reels makes them appealing to the target audience. In fact, you can add them to your marketing arsenal.

This article will consider how Facebook reels to offer engaging content, improve user engagement, and grow your business.

Let’s get started.

What are Facebook Reels?

Many users are conversant with Instagram Reels and TikTok. Reels are basically short videos that are posted on social media. These videos are unique because they capture the user’s attention and end before the urge to scroll to the next one. Facebook Reels are Instagram Reels on the parent company’s (Meta) platform.

Reels are growing at high speed because they’re unique and new to Facebook. The concept targets an entirely new generation that uses Facebook every day. Indeed, most users who visit both Facebook and Instagram spend a lot of hours viewing videos. Therefore businesses should also use video features to keep their followers engaged.

How to Use Facebook Reels

  • Use Reels like a storyboard of what you want your board to look like, which enhances the experience of your page.
  • Add a boomerang or other features unique to reels to make your short videos stand out.
  • Add stickers and links to promote new products, announcements, events, and donations.
  • Stay on theme by matching your corporate colors in reels and your logo.

Where to Place Your Reels

You can create and discover reels in various new places.

Reels in Stories: You can create reels from an existing public story and quickly share them with friends. This gives creators more visibility and reach.

Reels to Watch: You can create and watch reels within the Watch tab.

Top of Feed: A new Reels label appears at the top of the Feed, which lets you create and watch reels in just a few clicks.

Suggested Reels in Feed: Suggestions for reels to watch will appear on the Feed from people that you’re not already following.

Do Reels Offer any Financial Benefit to Businesses?

Facebook Reels are different from other ads. Reels use non-interruptive formats, namely, sticker advertisements and banner advertisements. With this unique approach, the ads appear as an overlay on the video and occupy a small portion of the screen.

Facebook is known to give content using new features a priority when it’s rolled out. There is a high engagement and reach on these reels, which translates to more sales.

Marketers require a lot of money and time to produce video continent. However, reels are short videos of about 15 seconds that don’t require a lot of investment to create. In fact, you can create these short videos inside the app. Additionally, they’re quick to consume, which helps viewers know your brand and products without investing a lot of their time.

You may have planned to buy Facebook likes on WP Dev Shed to monetize your  videos. But the use of Reels is another way for creators  to monetize their videography skills. They can tap on the Reels Play bonus program when they create reels that their target audience love. That means creators, mostly brands and individuals, can earn a meaningful income by monetizing their Facebook Reels through ad revenue share.

The banner ads appear like a semi-transparent overlay placed at the bottom of the Facebook Reel. Sticker ads appear like static image ads that the creator can place anywhere inside the reel. Therefore, the creator earns a portion of the ad revenue.


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