Top 5 Healthcare trends (for Nurses) in 2022


Healthcare is an important sector of the economy.  In fact, the pandemic shows that countries must invest in healthcare now and in the future.  Nurses, in particular, are a critical element in hospitals, but their global shortage is causing a considerable shift in the healthcare landscape.

Nursing facilities shortage and financial constraints are contributing to this shortfall of nurses globally.  However, digital technologies are expected to change this situation as we advance.  This article will tell you about the current healthcare trends that have a positive impact on nurses.

The following are healthcare trends that are shaping 2022.



Technology in health care has boosted the privacy and security of health information.  Healthcare providers ensure that their platforms guarantee the security of patients’ data.

The use of telehealth services rose in 2020 as a result of the global health crisis.  But its increased usage raised security and privacy concerns among healthcare providers.  However, staying updated on the HIPAA compliance and rules of informed consent can alleviate these concerns.  This healthcare trend is expected to continue post-Covid-19 pandemic.

Self-care for Nurses

Nurses are crucial and are the majority in healthcare.  As a result, they perform many duties and experience stress and trauma daily.  Such pressure affects their job satisfaction, mental health, and overall quality of their life.  In view of that, education and awareness of self-care for these professionals have increased.  The reason is that nurses who handle stress properly are able to help their patients in a better way.

Actually, nurses are not in this profession because of money, but they’re passionate about their work.  Because of that, employers promoting self-care and those that have created healthy work environments are on the rise.  As a result, nurses have fewer battles for burnout and compassion fatigue.

Therefore providing optimum care with positive patient outcomes is the trend now and in the future.

Evolution of the Workplace

Nurses perform serious roles in the healthcare sector.  The workplace opportunities for these professionals have been evolving.  Because of that, there are many non-hospital careers for nurses, such as travel nursing and school nurses.

The most trending one is travel nursing which has continued to gain popularity.  This allows nurses to move from one region to another with huge health care needs.  The opportunity enables them to gain financial rewards in exchange for their service.  So nurses who are early in their career can explore nursing opportunities while the seasoned nurses can use their expertise in crises to earn a generous income.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Entrepreneurship is a perfect fit for healthcare providers, especially nurses, who value independence and autonomy.  In fact, healthcare and technology are rapidly changing, thus increasing opportunities for entrepreneurs in nursing.

Nurse practitioners and nurse navigators can set up their own businesses because they provide direct patient services.  Rural areas provide ripe opportunities to set up a business.  On the other hand, nurse consultants, nurse informatics, and quality management consultant nurses in long-term and assisted care facilities can tap on the non-direct patient care entrepreneur opportunities.

Increased Specialization

The demand for RNs specializing in obstetrics, psychiatry, gerontology, and more has increased.  Indeed specialization makes a nurse an expert in a specific area where they’re providing care.  Specialization opens more doors to opportunities for nurses’ career advancement.

The certification assures healthcare institutions and patients that you’re knowledgeable and competent in a given area of care.  This trend is on the rise and influences how the nursing field evolves.

Other healthcare trends for nurses in 2022 and beyond include the demand for nurse navigators, interprofessional partnerships or collaboration, increased distance education, nursing advocacy and action, etc.


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