Top 5 Best Driver Updater Software for 2022

driver updater software

Is your computer updated?  Over the years, Window OS has been addressing the issue of providing the latest drivers for its different hardware elements.  The reason is that Microsoft provides code for Windows to install, but in some instances, these are not the best version or even the latest to maximize the device performance.

Further, if you’re using unpopular tech, you might find the functionality entirely missing from the OS.  But you can solve this with a dedicated driver update application linked to a service.  The latest driver releases are tracked and automatically installed.  In fact, some driver update solutions bundle up drivers into their installation packages and avail it on a centralized server or a USB stick for easier distribution.

The following are the top 5 best driver updater software for 2022.

AVG Driver Updater

AVG offers AVG Driver Updater exclusively for PC.  It scans the system, purges old drivers, and replaces them with the latest versions.  The software makes reliable code and works in the background to keep your computer in its best condition.

AVG Driver Updater is pricey, but it has a trial version that scans the system and generates a report of drivers to be updated.  However, you need a paid version to update those drivers.

Driver Genius Platinum

Avanquest Software has designed this twentieth version to manage driver updates on the PC.  The application tracks over a million hardware drivers to ensure your computer has the right ones.  There is very low user intervention with Driver Genius Platinum.  That means the application scans installed drivers and matches them against the driver versioning database.  It then goes ahead to download and install the latest ones.

The driver updater software is unique because it bundles drivers into an executable file in order to accelerate reinstallation and purges out old drivers to prevent Windows from reinstalling them by mistake.

Driver Booster

IObit has designed Driver Booster, among other enhancement and optimization products.  The company tests all drivers and ensures they have met the Microsoft WHQL tests before passing them to your computer.

Its free version updates only two drivers a day, but it has several useful features, while the paid ‘Pro’ version has more drivers and no limit on use.  It also initiates a backup prior to installing new drivers.  The driver updater application has a silent mode, so it doesn’t interrupt you when in full-screen mode.


The driver updater software finds and updates outdated drivers on a computer.  It quickly and efficiently scans and maintains an 18 million-plus drivers database.  The download starts when a driver issue is found.  But Driverfix performs a backup before updating any drivers, and you can access the standard zip archive for safe-keeping or in the event things go awry.  Also, you can scan at optimal times but perform your backups at your convenient time.

Driverfix doesn’t interfere with any add-on features, a VPN, virus protection, or security features that you don’t need anyway.  That means it only does one purpose and will not complicate matters.

Driver Reviver

ReviverSoft is a subsidiary of Corel and has delivered the driver maintenance tool since 2014.  Driver Reviver is part of Reviver branded software products for Apple Mac and PC.  This driver updater software is exclusively for the PC.

Driver Reviver keeps the drivers on the system concurrent and shields the system from accidentally installing malware-infected or corrupt drivers.  One key feature is that the software creates a restore point prior to the drivers’ installation.  This enables the system to more easily restore if the new drivers fail or cause a problem.

You can also automatically scan when the Windows starts, which updates the drivers before you begin working on your computer.  ReviverSoft has a comprehensive driver database of over 10 million files.  It supports 14 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.


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