Lose Weight Without Exercising – What to Know First!


How to Lose Weight without Daily Exercise- A Guide

Excess body weight affects your appearance and paves the way for the onset of various health conditions. In most cases, obese people find it quite hard to shed those ugly layers of fat. Regular exercise can be challenging for a section of overweight people, no matter how much health experts stress its importance and benefits for weight loss. If you can relate to this, do not despair; there are other ways to lose weight effectively. By making some changes to your lifestyle and food habits, you will be able to become slimmer- without facing risks.

Some Effective Ways to Shed Excess Fat minus Workouts

  • Slow down the Speed of Eating- You may feel what you are eating is making you obese. While this is not entirely untrue, how you eat food also matters. Several studies have hinted that those who eat slowly get fewer calories eventually. By eating quickly, you may often eat more than your body needs, leading to calorie overload. This makes losing excess fat a hurdle.
  • Drink Plenty of Water- Health and fitness experts constantly stress the importance of staying hydrated. According to experts, you are more prone to making wrong food choices when dehydrated. When you drink a lot of water every day, you are less likely to overeat. It is beneficial if you drink water sometime before having lunch or dinner.
  • Discard Junk and Unhealthy Food- One way to avoid eating unhealthy foods is to keep them away. It may sound basic, but it works! Do not buy and keep plenty of ready-to-eat or packed foods in your fridge and kitchen cabinets. For example, when you spot these foods after a tiring day, resisting the temptation to gorge on them can be challenging. So, you shouldn’t store such unhealthy foods inside the kitchen and fridge. The same logic applies to unhealthy and calorie-dense beverages.
  • Include Fiber-Rich Foods- You will benefit from including plenty of fiber-enriched foods in your meals to lose excess fat. Fiber keeps you full for quite some time. So, you find it easier to combat hunger pangs and resultant binge eating. For this, you can choose from a wide range of fruits and vegetables as they are naturally fiber-rich.
  • Try Portion Control- You may not even realize you end up eating more than you want to need owing to a lack of portion control! Many obese people find it hard to shed fat as they use large-sized plates and dishes for eating. Try using smaller-sized plates for a change. Also, try reducing portion sizes for foods with lower nutritional value.
  • Eliminate Distractions When You Eat- Do you have a habit of watching movies or soaps on the TV when you have meals? This may be a reason behind your poor progress in losing excess weight. When your mind is glued to the screen, you eat more food than you require. The same happens when you eat while watching content on your phone or tablet. So, switch off the TV and keep your mobile aside when you sit for lunch or dinner.
  • Reduce Stress- You can get stressed for several reasons, which can also affect your physical health. When you get stressed, your body generates cortisol. This makes you crave comfort foods, eventually leading to further weight gain. However, many obese persons are unaware they cannot become slimmer due to high-stress levels. So, it would help if you tried to reduce your stress levels. Attempting meditation and things like music, hobbies, and pet adoption can be tested.
  • Get Enough Sleep- You may not have given it much thought, but a lack of proper sleep may lead to weight gain. When you do not sleep well, there can be a hormonal imbalance. That, In turn, can hamper your food habits and cravings. This paves the way to overeating. So, try to eliminate distractions to sleep as far as possible.
  • Discard Sugar from Your Platter- Reducing sugar consumption goes a long way when trying to shed excess weight. While reducing sugar usage in cooking and preparing beverages will help, that is not enough. You will have to look for other hidden and indirect sources of sugar in your diet. For example, ready-to-drink fruit juices and popular energy drinks contain excess sugar, mostly. The condiments, sauces, and ketchup in your kitchen and fried are also made with sugar and artificial sweetening agents. Make fruit and vegetable drinks at home while not adding sugar.
  • Reduce Buying, And Ordering Foods- The convenience of getting foods delivered to your doorstep at your convenience seems alluring. However, this is not prudent when you are trying to lose weight. The food obtained from fast food chains and restaurants may be cooked with excess oil and sugar, and you have little control over that. So, try to cook food at home as much as possible to reduce calorie consumption.
  • Eat Healthy Snacks- Sometimes, you may get food cravings, and snacking is a necessity sometimes. However, resist the urge to order a burger or pizza when you crave food. Instead, try gorging on healthy snacks that have nutrients and low-calorie value. For example, you can eat dry and fresh fruits and veggies when you are hungry.
  • Evade Random Weight Loss Diets and Supplements- The lure of weight loss supplements and diets sold with tall claims of rapid weight loss may be hard to resist. However, many such diet plans and pills may lead to health hazards later, and the results may be temporary, too. Only start such diets after consulting a health expert.

Wrapping Up

You can lose excess fat by changing your eating habits and lifestyle. Adopting an active lifestyle can augment the result as well. However, it would help if you had practical expectations and consistently stuck to these measures for the best outcome.


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