TOP 4 in-demand professions for freelance in IT

IT specialists

Over the past few years, it seems that the entire IT sector has migrated to a remote work format. Every day, vacancies for specialists on specialized job search platforms are growing, as well as the number of resumes of IT specialists of various levels. Some specializations are more in demand, for example, there is a steady increase in the need for freelance Data analyst, while others are less needed. Let’s try to figure out who freelancing customers are looking for.

Data Scientist – Data Science

With the widespread use of big data in various business areas, the need for such specialists has increased dramatically. They explored everything they do, from forecasting sales growth to building optimal transportation routes.

To become a data scientist in demand in the labor market, you need to have the following knowledge and skills:

  • You need to work with database languages, machine learning libraries;

  • You need to program in Python, it is highly desirable to know C and C ++;

  • Excellent knowledge of basic mathematical disciplines;

  • Be able to visualize the results;

  • Have flexible skills.

Such a wealth of knowledge and skills will make you a successful data scientist both as a freelancer and an in-house employee.

Data Analyst – data analytics

The task of this specialist is to collect and process a large amount of data, make a forecast, or provide information necessary for further work. Analysts are most often hired as freelancers to make forecasts in a particular area.

The senior data analyst job description may include the following items:

  • Proficient in Excel, Google Sheets, and Sublime;

  • Program in Python or R;

  • Write SQL queries;

  • Have experience with BI systems – Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio.

Also, each project may have specific requests and requirements, so the more knowledge and skills, the wider the possibilities of finding a freelance job in Data Analytics.


Of all IT specialties, this one is considered the easiest with a low entry threshold. But to become in demand in freelancing, you need to have a wide range of skills:

  • Know what software consists of and understand the structure and stages of its creation;

  • Have experience with Chrome DevTools, Firebug;

  • Know the basics of layout and React and Vue libraries and frameworks;

  • Write autotests in JavaScript or Python;

  • Be proficient in SQL for working with databases.

You also need to be sociable, as testers always work in a team. If this is freelance project work, then this is a different team and different people every time.

Full-stack developer

When freelancing, these specialists are more in demand than Backend or Frontend developers. A full-stack developer is an autonomous unit in a team that works on a project. They must be able to do everything – to create architecture, support the project, and administer it. A good full-stack developer is worth its weight in gold for clients, so there is always a demand for such specialists.

Other IT-related specialties are also in demand in the freelance market. But for these professionals with advanced skills it is the easiest to find interesting and highly paid projects.


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