Starting a New Website: Why it Pays to Invest in Web Host and Security Services

web hosting
Developing an effective website to market your products or services requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Aside from creating a compelling design that captures the attention of your target audience, new websites must also fall in compliance with ecommerce regulations as well as provide a secure environment for their consumers. Failure to implement these basic concepts into your business website development could result in significant financial loss and possibly the demise of your business altogether.
Web Hosting
Whether your goal is to start a blog to provide valuable information, or to create an ecommerce site from which you sell goods or services, there are various steps and processes that must be taken to ensure your website is visible to internet consumers. That’s where web hosting services come in. According to Webopedia, a web host is a service provider that offers server space to businesses or individuals who operate a website. It is through these servers that consumers are able to locate your site. Without the necessary servers in place, your business’s website is essentially nonexistent and vulnerable to security attacks.
Internet Security
As the internet becomes an increasingly popular platform for conducting business, its vulnerabilities also become more apparent. As the internet can easily be accessed by anyone, the need to secure pertinent business and consumer information is a must. Hackers in particular have an array of resources and experience that allow them to breach security protocols and retrieve valuable information that can lead to identity theft or the loss of business. In fact, according to one IT service provider, 93% of businesses who have fallen victim to data loss end up closing within a five year timeframe.
Loss of financial account information, consumer identification, or other business information can quickly ruin your reputation, and cause financial complications not only for your organization but for your consumers as a whole. Internet security requires more than installing virus protection and other software, but also encompasses strategic backup plans in the event of a breach.
How Do You Protect Your Business?
web hosting
Unless you’re well versed in web hosting and internet security, you’ll require assistance in protecting your company and consumers. Web hosting and internet security service providers are key players in assisting new businesses with creating aesthetically appealing websites that are efficient and secure. Such service providers take the guessing out of technological concepts while allowing you to focus on the basic development of your website. They provide secure servers as well as other IT services and support. There are several service providers from which you can choose from. However, since not all service providers are created equally, it will become important to conduct research and know what to look for in a web host.
What to Look for in a Web Host
When searching for the appropriate web hosting provider for your business website, you must be thorough in your research. Remember, your website acts as your company’s “calling card” and will have a great impact on how your potential customers view your organization. Selecting the wrong web host provider could result in a ruined reputation. Below are a few factors to keep in mind as you begin your search:

  • Reliability – Placing your website on a server that is only reliable 50% of the time, then you run the risk of losing a lot of customers. Therefore, as you begin your search for a web host provider, ensure that the servers they use have a high uptime percentage. While no server can guarantee 100% uptime, a decent percentage is still in the 90th percentile.
  • Support – When issues arise with your website, you want to know that you’re working with a web host that will offer you around the clock support. Check that the service provider offers technical support 24/7 through various platforms including email, online chat, or by phone.
  • Data Backup and Securities – Remember, a huge part of running an effective website is ensuring that you’re protecting your users/consumers. When looking for the ideal web host service provider, be sure to find out what data/storage backup services they offer as well as other securities and protections to ensure that your company and consumers are safe from unsuspecting threats.
  • Room for Growth – When you’re just starting out, you may not utilize various features and options to get your website off the ground. However, as your organization grows, you want to work with a web host that has various features that allow you to grow in the future. This might mean the inclusion of email accounts, more disk space, or even extra data traffic allowances.
  • Ease of Use – You’ll want to select a web host allows you to easily manage various aspects of your website on your own. Ensure that you’ve selected a web host that has easy to use web controls so that managing your site does not become a chore.

Having an effective website that is not only attractive to your target audience, but safe and secure is of the utmost importance for businesses of all sizes. If you’re in the developmental stages of planning your website, investing in web host and security services is beneficial. Not only do these services take care of the technological concepts of developing an effective website, but the right service provider will also provide adequate services that protect your company and your consumers. Take your time in selecting a service provider that not only advertises a reasonable price, but one that encompasses the above mentioned qualities.



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