Link mining is outdated. There’s a better way to build backlinks


In this article, we look at link mining; what it is and why it’s irrelevant in today’s content-first world.

What is Link Mining?

Link mining is a technique where digital marketers use tools and software to research and map hyperlinks from one website to another. The aim of web link mining, aka backlink analysis, is to create a list of websites that you could also utilise and coax into linking back to your site.

Link mining and black-hat content marketing

Link mining is synonymous with black-hat marketers looking for cheap links from link-first blogs. This technique is completely outdated and frowned upon by search engines. Mainly because of the extremely low quality of articles created purely for a backlink.
Nowadays, it’s much better to have 5 high-quality relevant backlinks than 15 low-quality ones. Google wants to see authoritative, relevant websites linking back to yours. High-quality blogs within your industry. They want to send users to engaging, value-adding articles.
Don’t be a black-hat content marketer, pumping out 500 words of dribble purely to garner links. You will be penalised!

Backlinks and penalties

High-quality articles placed on relevant blogs generate more natural backlinks. These are great for your search rankings and is what we at Contento encourage. Low-quality articles on low-quality sites will get you penalised by search engines.
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Google sees this as ‘gaming’ the algorithm. Within the last few years, Google and other search engines, have changed their algorithms to put more ranking juice on link quality over quantity of backlinks.
You have to generate a lot of spammy links to be pulled up by Google. Even contacted directly.
When it comes to backlinks, it’s best practice to focus on the quality of the article and placement over quantity of links.

Link mining is irrelevant

Link mining has been around for years and there are now plenty of tools that help you see what sites are linking to each other.
All these tools and apps fail to address the real issue; link building is a time-consuming, soul-sucking process.
Marketers shouldn’t be spending their time doing link mining and outreach. It’s a waste of your time when you could be creating more content.
There’s a better way to garner backlinks that completely removes the whole research and outreach process. Keep reading.

Focus on creating value, not links

While backlinks are great, they shouldn’t be the main goal of your articles.
Be user-centric. Your articles should give value to the reader and set you as an opinion leader in your industry.
Entertain, inspire, or educate the reader. Engaging content is what is going to drive quality traffic.
Needless to say; high-quality articles are going to be picked up by blogs much easier than 500 words of nothing.

Stop link mining. Start Contento

Short-cutting your backlink process is super easy. Contento is a web-app that allows you to offer articles directly to reputable blogs.
It removes the need for link mining and outreach!
Simply upload an article, select the publishers you’d like to offer your article to, and hit submit. It’s that easy.
All publishers on Contento are registered and are willing to accept guest posts. Your articles go directly to the blog authors and editors.
With link mining and outreach taken care of, you’ll have many more hours to spend on creating quality articles. A much more efficient way to spend your time!
Contento comes with a free trial. Your first article submission is free. So give it a try and experience how simple it is to get quality article placement.