4 Tips for Breaking Into the Web Development Sector

Whether you are seeking a job in the web development field after college or want to change careers to break into this niche, the employment outlook is a positive one. A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that job opportunities for web development are projected to grow by 15 percent over the next decade. There are a variety of jobs to choose from in this field; however, there are a few tips you might keep in mind as you browse different opportunities, accept interviews, and discuss your skills with prospective employers.

1. Build Comprehensive Skills

Before you can find that web developer job of your dreams, it is important to develop your skills in a way that meet the many needs clients will likely require. While having a specialty can help you stand out in the job field, having a variety of skills can make you more marketable. For example, if you have full-stack development abilities, which means you can develop all aspects of a website instead of only having front or back-end skills, this can open up a wider field of jobs and allow you to make a more competitive wage.

2. Know Your Assets

When companies build their web development teams, they typically look for individuals who not only have a variety of skills but understand how those abilities can foster innovative changes in marketing and web traffic. Understanding what you can bring to a team before you sit down for a job interview can help you feel more confident about your own skills.
Being aware of your abilities in web development can also allow you to articulate what you can bring to the table that others cannot. This can prepare you to answer interview questions such as, “How has mobile technology changed the way people use the web” or “How has internet culture and surfing habits changed in the past decade?” Knowing how to answer these questions in a way that markets your skills and shows you are aware of current user trends can help you ace any job interview.

3. Stay Current on Development Tools

Web development trends tend to change with technology, so it is wise to keep up with the field as you look for work. As you browse job sites, look for changes in css job description posts to understand what employers are looking for and what skills you might be lacking when it comes to using new tools and technologies. Read as much as you can about the web development sector so you do not fall behind or allow your skills to become out of date.

4. Find a Mentor

Having a mentor in the field as you look for work can be beneficial for your long-term prospects as well. A mentor is more than someone to turn to when you have a question, as he or she can also help you create a peer network, guide you with finding your niche, and give you the benefit of experience when it comes to avoiding common interview and resume errors. Reaching out on career and discussion forums can be an effective way to connect with a mentor.
Fostering a web development career can be challenging. However, knowing what employers are looking for and what you could offer may help you become more successful.