Free Apps and Plugins Web Designers Can Take Advantage

Image: popcreative
Image: popcreative

Designing an attractive and interactive website today can be a breeze what with the numerous applications, plugins and other resources publishers and designers can utilize. While having some technical background is an advantage, sometimes just knowing how to follow instructions properly would already enable one to create his own website.
To create a great website that is sure to gain traffic moving forward, several important elements have to be incorporated. These involve the content which includes text and images and the layout design. The text element should be able to use eye-friendly fonts while the images should be captivating and crystal clear. With regards to the layout, a simple one that uses colors pleasing to the eyes and with only a few sections is preferable.
New tools are constantly being produced and shared online. Many are free to use while the others require only a small fee.


UX Apprentice – This provides information about the UX design with a layered approach. It teaches the principles of each layer and provides examples as well as resources.

Flat UI
– This is a free user interface kit that covers menu items, buttons, checkboxes, inputs, radio buttons and other basic design elements.
Learn CSS Layout – This is a tutorial site best for learning the advanced CSS layout techniques. It teaches about the box model, CSS frameworks, media queries and positioning.

– For designers who fancy animation, Animatable allows one to animate different properties. This can be applied to a background color, background position, border-width, font size, color, opacity and border-radius.


Photoset Grid – This is a jQuery plugin that allows designers to arrange images via a flexible grid. While this was initially created for the Style Hatch Tumblr themes, it can now be used outside of themes.
SuperBox – This is another plugin great for use with images. It can create a static image gallery but when a photo is clicked, it displays in its full size.


Press Style – This uses the distressed sans serif font involving upper and lowercase letters. It also features symbols and accents.

Dottie Daze
– For those who like a font that displays as handdrawn with dotted accents, this is good to use.

Futura FH Custom
– This font is based on Futura but with additional accents. It’s free to use not only for personal blogs and websites but even for commercial purposes.
Langdon – This font is ideal for websites with a serious theme. It’s also free to use for personal and commercial sites.
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