Key Benefits to Using Application Performance Monitoring for Your Business

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Web applications are necessary when you need your site to function properly on a mobile device. Now more than ever before people are using their smartphones to access full websites at the touch of a button. If your current domain isn’t optimized for this performance, you’ll be missing out on available clientele who could otherwise lead to the success of your company. Application performance monitoring, or APM, is critical when ensuring that this app is running to the best of its ability.

Increase Service Availability

As a business owner, you want to know that every aspect of your company is providing the services that your clients need and want. This can increase revenue for you, leading to your overall success in the future. Service availability means knowing that scripts are running efficiently, like your online shopping carts and email forms. The beauty of monitor IIS performance management is that you’ll receive alerts if there is ever a script error or issue that needs to be resolved.

Prevent Security Risks

Security risks are everywhere, no matter what type of website you are currently operating. Unfortunately, if left alone, your site could be breached by hackers who can then retrieve personal and private information that can be used against you and your customers. Monitoring sends you an alert if a security risk or breach is found, and you’ll be able to get on top of the situation before it becomes a major problem.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime can be detrimental to how well your site runs and functions. It prevents people from being able to visit each and every page that is available to them, which can cause them to look elsewhere for information, products, content or services. Monitoring your application performance means knowing when and if the site goes down. You can then make changes to your host or server to prevent or lessen the amount of downtime your domain is experiencing.

Increased End-User Experience

You want to know that your customers are having the best experience possible when using your website. Unfortunately, without the proper monitoring, you’re unable to see what they’re seeing when it concerns load times, performance and overall integration with the device they’re using. By understanding all of these different things, you’re able to make changes where they need to be made to improve end-user experience.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Your website’s speed and load times are now a critical factor when determining how well it ranks on many different popular search engines online. What this means is that if your domain is loading too slowly or if you experience a lot of downtime, this can actually hurt your ranking when people go to search for your brand name or for keywords associated with your company. APM gives insights into load times, downtime and user experience so that your domain ranks higher than ever before. This will make it easier for your visitors to find you when doing a search, which can then have a positive impact on the amount you’re able to earn in the process.