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Chapter 14 - CSS Ordered & Unordered Lists

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List Style

You can control the appearance of ordered and unordered lists in one declaration with the list-style property

list-style: value value;


Or you can control them individually

List Style Image

You can use an image for the bullet of unordered lists with the list-style property

list-style-image: url(path_to_image.gif, jpg or png);

If you use an image, it is a good idea to declare the list-style-type also in case the user has images turned off.

List Style Position

You can control the position of ordered and unordered lists with the list-style-position property

list-style-position: value;


List Style Type

You can control the type of bullet ordered and unordered lists use with the list-style-type property

list-style-type: value;


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